A while ago I signed up to a website called Blog Tour, a website designed to connect authors and bloggers together so authors get extra publicity and bloggers get extra content. I made my account, and then promptly forgot about it, so it was a while until I checked it and I was quite surprised to see I had a message. A writer called M. K. Williams from the USA had contacted me to see if I’d like to review her new self-published ebook “Nailbiters” that you can pick up here. Of course I said yes.

“Nailbiters” is a post-apocalyptic thriller about Dora, a young woman in her 20s who was formerly a personal trainer and is now running for her life from them. The world has been invaded by aliens who seem to be bent on destroying humanity with unbelievable cruelty. Part USA road trip, part suspense-filled sci-fi horror, Dora does whatever it takes to survive as the world she knew crumbles around her. The book is narrated by Dora who constantly questions her own decisions and motives, and who provides commentary about the motives of the people around her and the shifting social values of this new society. One thing she notices is that people everywhere have started compulsively biting their nails. What does this mean, and why hasn’t Dora herself picked up this habit?


Williams has a raw and honest style of writing, and maintains suspense throughout the book with a twisting plotline and deliberately concealed information. Thrillers are not a genre I read often, but I quite liked the premise of this story and the underlying themes of power, humanity and gender relations. I think the narration was sometimes a little too self-aware, and some of Dora’s commentary and guesses about the reasons why people were doing what they were doing felt like they interrupted the flow of the story.

A quick and tense read, this book is ideal for readers who love thrillers.

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