Saga Volume 7

I’ve been following this graphic novel series (by Brian K. Vaughn and illustrated by Fiona Staples) for a while, so if you want to see what I’ve written about earlier volumes you can check them out here, here and here.


In my last review, I said that I liked Volume 6 a bit less than the other volumes. I’m very sad to say that I think despite starting out all guns blazing, Saga is on a downward trend. If you’re going to kill off main characters, you need to replace them with something of equal or greater value. Unfortunately, I’m just not loving the replacements. It’s such an action-intensive series that, especially with these volumes only coming out every 9 months or so, it’s a bit hard to keep tabs on everything that’s going on. I think maybe it’s also crossed the line from being wild and irreverent to actually quite maudlin.

Anyway, look, I’ll probably keep reading these, but I’ve definitely lost a bit of my enthusiasm after the last couple of volumes. It’s still hard-hitting, but maybe not as fun.


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3 responses to “Saga Volume 7

  1. The Past Due Book Review

    I agree that killing off some of the most interesting characters and replacing them with less than impressive outlines has sort of brought the series down. I still really enjoy it but now it seems like the outrageous things are more of its gimmick than something that sets it above other comic series.

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    • Exactly. I think it’s really hard to sustain that kind of momentum and keep coming up with confronting things to shock the audience with while still carrying the story forward in a meaningful way.

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