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The Day My Fart Followed Santa Up the Chimney

This is the second Christmas book I recently received, and this one is for kids.


“The Day My Fart Followed Santa Up the Chimney” is an independent children’s book by Ben Jackson and Sam Lawrence and the third in a series about a young boy called Timmy and his friend the Little Fart, a cute, green, fluffy personification of a fart. This book is a fun overview of the classic Santa Clause tradition complete with reindeer, chimneys, cookies and milk.

I’m not really a big fan of toilet humour, but then again – this book wasn’t written for me! I haven’t read the other books in the series, but my understanding is that they are meant to be cheeky yet educational books to teach kids when it is and isn’t appropriate to flatulate. Instead of containing any particular social lessons, this book uses the Little Fart as a lens through which children can learn about some Christmas traditions. The lighthearted tone is matched by colourful digital illustrations. I think probably the main issue with this book is that the premise doesn’t make a lot of sense unless you’ve read the first one. However, the Little Fart is a funny character and this non-denominational take on Christmas is wholesome without being ham-fisted.

A jovial Christmas children’s book that would probably go best as part of a set.


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