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  1. I couldn’t possibly respond to all your letters – and will probably stop here tonight as I have THAT book to read. But, I couldn’t resist replying to this one, because I agree that there’s something about bridges. We saw two particularly interesting ones in Sacramento, and included them on our travel blog.

    What is it about them? Is it the practical thing – i.e. that they are nearly always beautiful, even if they are just rickety wood over a little creek – or is it that sense of crossing over from one side to another that appeals to our minds or spirits? Probably a bit of both – I don’t think I can tease it out. But, I do love to look at and photograph bridges.


    • Thank you so much for reading my silly little letters! I had a lot to think about during all the travel time.

      Re: what it is about bridges, I’m just not sure! Maybe I should write an autobiographical micro-history on bridges. I could call it “Build a Bridge and Get Over It”. I could do without the breakdown though!


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