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As well as reviewing books, I also make, write and narrate stuff! You can check out my work below.


I am a stallholder in the 2021 Sticky Institute Festival of the Photocopier! and all my zines are available to buy here.

AnghaRANT: Pets

AnghaRANT: Roads (also available to read at the National Library of Australia)

AnghaRANT: Plane Trees



Winner, “Day 4: The Last Stand“,  Micro-microfiction Challenge 2021, Going Down Swinging

Tile announcing micro-microfiction challenge winners and highly commended entries. Yellow background with cowboy emojis. 
Text reads: 
DAY 1 REBEL – Winner: Jane O'Sullivan, HC: Hannah Holland
DAY 2 TWIRL – Winner: Joanne Fong, HC: Tehya Nicholas
DAY 3 FRIENDLY FACES – Winner: Helena Pantsis, HC: Bronwen Scott
DAY 4 LAST STAND — Winner: Angharad Lodwick, HC: Jake Dean 
Wambam Thx Y Ma'Am

All Cats Look Grey in the Dark“, Urban Internet Myths via Digital Writers Festival, 2019

Street Light Interference Phenomenon” via Feminartsy, 2017



I am the current editor for ACT Rescue and Foster’s biannual dog rescue magazine ChinWag.

ChinWag: Winter 2021 (editor), July 2021

ChinWag Winter Cover Image

ChinWag: Summer 2021 (editor), March 2021

Cover Page ChinWag Summer 2021

ChinWag: Winter 2020 (editor), August 2020

Cover Page ChinWag Winter 2020


Dear Black Beauty” via Cicerone Journal, December 2020

Blurred Lines: Navigating consent by listening to body language” via Homer, June 2018

Ride the Wild Wind: Feminism in Pony Fiction” via Feminartsy, May 2018

Not Just a Joke: The insidiousness of racism” via Feminartsy, Nov 2017

What does your name say about you?” via Feminartsy, June 2017

This May Sting a Little: Men, contraception and the burden of responsibility” via Homer, January 2017

Girls with Curls – society’s response to curly hair” via Feminartsy, November 2016

What’s in a Name? Breaking and making surname traditions” via Homer, October 2016

Unsolicited: Why do we comment on other people’s appearances?” via Feminartsy, September 2016

Growing Up as a Third Culture Kid” via Feminartsy, July 2016


There’s No Indonesian Word for Grandparents” by Natasha Hertanto, June 2020

Black Beauty” by Anna Sewell

Excerpt from “Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens

The Velveteen Rabbit” by Margery Williams

Dear Stranger

A collection of letters I wrote on the way to see the 2017 total solar eclipse in Oregon, USA.

If you received one of these letters, I’d love to hear from you!