Other places you can find me:

Tinted Edges – my facebook page where I share book-related things I come across

Patreon – a place where you can show some love for the Lost the Plot podcast

Angharad Lodwick – my twitter account where I stalk authors and rarely post

Tinted Edges – my companion tumblr that I forget I have.

Other things I write:

Lost Magazine – a magazine I write for.

Feminartsy – another magazine I write for.

Homer – another, another magazine I write for.

Capital Letters – the ACT Writers Centre blog that I contributed to for the ACT Lit-Bloggers of the Future Program

Organisations I care about:

Books for the World – a great charity I’m involved in that gives books to people who need them

Lifeline Canberra – home of my thrice-yearly place of worship, the Lifeline Bookfair

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation – home of the Great Book Swap

People you should check out:

wenlowdwhispers – a fantasy book blog

Whispering Gums – an Aussie literature book blog

Seeking Tumnus – a great Aussie podcast about YA books

Other sites I live on:

NaNoWriMo – the website for National Novel Writing Month.

What’s That Book – a Reddit forum where people try to help each other remember forgotten books.

Goodreads – a great website for keeping track of what you’re reading, checking out reviews, following authors and reviewing books yourself.