Short Stack Reading Challenge

Join me in the second annual Short Stack Reading Challenge: scrambling to meet the reading challenges you have set by reading as many short books as you can during the month of December.

Image text: Tinted Edges: Judging books by their covers. 2022 Short Stack Reading Challenge.
Image description: a stack of pancakes with butter on the top.

Sometimes less is more, and to celebrate the smaller books is the second annual Short Stack Reading Challenge.


Very simple!

  1. The challenge runs from 1 December 2022 to 31 December 2022.
  2. The goal is to read as many novellas or short books as you can during that time.
  3. Each book you read earns you a pancake.
  4. Build your stack of pancakes from a short stack to a tall stack!
  5. Share your progress on social media with the hashtag #ShortStackReadingChallenge22 or leave a comment below!

Transparent pancake image files are available to download here. I look forward to seeing how high your pancake stacks get!

Keep an eye out for special genre toppings to add to your pancake stack as the month progresses!


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24 responses to “Short Stack Reading Challenge

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  2. This is the ideal challenge for people like me who didn’t manage to finish reading their novella’s in November for #NovNov and have unfinished goals for the year. I may well join!

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