Lost the Plot – Episode 7 – Lifeline Bookfair

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Show Notes

The Canberra Lifeline Bookfair






Book News

The Great Book Swap, Indigenous Literacy Foundation

The Sydney Story Factory Pen to Paper Challenge
My Pen to Paper Challenge Page

Banned Books Week
Banned Books Scavenger Hunt
Forbidden Books Humble Bundle
Lost the Plot – Episode 1 – Rebellion

Roald Dahl Day
My Roald Dahl Readathon Reviews
Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary

The World’s Most Mysterious Book
Science Alert article

Chasseurs de Livres
MSN article
Facebook group

The ACT Book of the Year

The Skeleton Diaries
Facebook page

Alabama Library to Enforce Jail Sentences on Overdue Books
The Independent article

Mobile Phone Found in Book Spine in Prison
ABC News article

Neil Gaiman Norse Mythology Book Cover
Facebook video

The Dark Tower Film Stills
Entertainment Weekly article

Pottermore Patronus Test
Pottermore link

Canberra Lifeline Book Fair



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36 responses to “Lost the Plot – Episode 7 – Lifeline Bookfair

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